HANNAM is one of the most competent, reasonable shipping agencies there are to have branches all over Korea and to offer wide range of services. These services, which include handling all matters related to the General Shipping and New Shipbuilding & Project are well prepared for(All matters concerning Tanker Ships, Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Refrigerating Ships, New Shipbuilding & Project and Lighter aboard Ships, etc)

HANNAM has continuously made efforts to simplify the process of shipping and contract affairs with the customers. This is in order to save time and expenses and to offer quick services in the customers. Thus, providing high quality service and direct contact with the customers without any tiresome in-between steps.

HANNAM will always be looking for better ways to please its customers.(We are certified by Korean Register of Shipping : ISO 9002 - No. A0145)

•ISO 9002 Certificate

2nd Floor Ilchang Building 226-2, Jangsaengpo-Dong, Nam-Ku, Ulsan Korea.
Telephone : 82-52-265-3663   Fax : 82-52-265-0125
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