For General Business :

We are willing to provide all customers with the best services which include handling all matters related to the General Shipping business are well prepared for. (Tanker Ships, Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Repair Ships, Refrigerating Ships and Lighter Abroad Ships, etc)

For Special Business for New Ship Building & Project :
With regard to agency of the New Shipbuilding & Project, We are willing to arrange and provide all kinds of our best services to be commerced and delivered

Career of New Building & Project(Worldwide Customers):
We have worldwide customers from various countries including the following, and we hope that you are one of our new customers.

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
    TotalFinaElf - 'Girassol' FPSO (May 1999 ~ Mar 2001)
    Maersk Oil Qatar as - 'Block 5' Building A Crude Oil Production Facility
    (Dec 2001 ~ Jun 2003)
    Unocal Indonesia - 'West Seno Field' TLP(Tension-Leg Platform) + FPU(Floation Production Unit)(Oct 2001~ Apr 2003)
  • Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., Ltd.
    Pride International - Pride Africa & Pride Angola
    (1998~ 1999)
    Nordic Maritime Service AS - Chemical Tanker (2001~2003)


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