In 1426, the era of King Sejong, Ulsan was one of the three trade ports in Korea. And in 1963, Ulsan harbor became an open foreign trade port. Since then, Ulsan harbor has grown to be an industrially strategical and leading port supporting the petrochemical, shipbuilding, and car manufacturing industries. Now, it is the largest industrial complex in Korea in terms of both volume and value of the cargo handled, which amounts up to about 150 million tons a year.

The port authorities are planning to develop Ulsan Port into the center of integrated circulation of the southeast region of Korea, and eventually into one of the main ports of the 21st century equipped with advanced harbor facilities and systematic management while remaining environmentally friendly.

ㅇVHF Channels of Ulsan Port
  Calling vessels may use the above channels.
Ulsan Port Control : Channel 14, 16
Ulsan Pilot : Channel 13
Agent : Channel 16 (via Ulsan Radio)

ㅇCoordinates of Pilot Station
  35-24-05 N, 129-25-00 E

ㅇDraft of Ulsan Port
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  Vessels should get in touch with Ulsan Port Control on the VHF by channel 14 in order to get the anchorages for berthing, bunkering & lightering and will be given on further instructions by VHF radio.
When vessels come into Ulsan Port, it is not necessary for vessels dropping anchors at E-1, 2 or 3 to have an Ulsan pilot on board.
It is also possible to leave without a pilot on board at E-1, 2 or 3.
Anchorage M-9 and 10 is usually used for lightering vessel.
  - Chart
Name Coordinates GT
M - 9 35-28'-06" N, 129-2'-36" E 25,000
M - 10 35-27'-44" N, 129-23'-33" E 50,000
E - 1 35-27'-48" N, 129-24'-07" E 10,000
35-28'-29" N, 129-25'-01" E
35-26'-36" N, 129-26'-56" E
35-26'-36" N, 129-24'-28" E
E - 2 35-26'-36" N, 129-24'-28" E 30,000
35-26'-36" N, 129-26'-56" E
35-24'-00" N, 129-28'-00" E
35-24'-00" N, 129-24'-46" E
E - 3 35-27'-48" N, 129-24'-07" E Unlimited
35-25'-33" N, 129-48'-00" E
35-24'-00" N, 129-28'-00" E
35-24'-00" N, 129-25'-12" E

ㅇIn case of Lightering
Hose Size : 8" or 6 "
Barge Capacity : 1500-2000 MTS
Barge trips per day(normal case) : about 10 trips
Number of barges used : 4 to 5

ㅇConference for Entrance, Shifting and Departure
  All types of ships calling at Ulsan Port must report to Ulsan Port Control as following before reaching Port Limit.
A. 2 hour notice : ETA should be reported for berthing and anchorage information.
B. 2 mile notice : Approaching course and speed should be reported in order to identify each vessel.
  Before Shifting
A. Shifting notice : Each vessel should report shifting before and after its moving.
  Before Departure
A. Departure report should be given for identification and navigational purposes.

2nd Floor Ilchang Building 226-2, Jangsaengpo-Dong, Nam-Ku, Ulsan Korea.
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