This port, which is within Ulsan City's border, is near Ulsan Port.
And the port is also located in Onsan Industrial Complex dealing with crude oil, oil products, non-iron substances, other bulk cargos. Especially the port has become to strategically get the growth as the most significant one of importing and exporting the sources and the products.
Onsan Port has 7 piers for handling general cargo, containers and chemicals, and 2 terminals (S-Oil Corp. and Korea Petrochemical Industrial Co., Ltd.) for handling chemicals and general products.

- berthing
: available from sunrise to sunset for all vessels
- unberthing
general cargo ship
; available 24 hours for under GRT 20,000
dangerous cargo carrier
; available 24 hours for under GRT 10,000 or under 9m in draft

2nd Floor Ilchang Building 226-2, Jangsaengpo-Dong, Nam-Ku, Ulsan Korea.
Telephone : 82-52-265-3663   Fax : 82-52-265-0125
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