Entry formalities is available during daytime (0900 -1800 LT), therefore vessels must arrive at the quarantine station before 1700 LT at the latest in order to get through entry formalities.

Compulsory for berthing all vessels entering and leaving territorial waters, and at Yosu Port for berthing and changing berths and shifting from anchorage to anchorage Berthing and unberthing is available during daylight and suitable tide.

Name Max GT
Anchorage A 5,000
Anchorage B 20,000
Anchorage C 20,000
Anchorage D 50,000
Anchorage E 15,000

ㅇPilot station
  Master himself can proceed to Pal-mi-do Pilot station without a pilot.
A. Pal-mi-do pilot station
Position : 37-20-10 N, 126-58-45 E
B. Chang-an-seo pilot station
Position : 37-04-30 N, 126-17-30 E

ㅇVHF Channels of Inchon Port
  Calling vessels may use the above channels.
Inchon Port Control : Channel 12
Inchon Pilot : Channel 16

ㅇConference for Entrance, Shifting and Departure
  All types of ships calling at Inchon Port must report to Inchon Port Control as following before reaching Port Limit.
A. 2 hour notice : ETA should be reported for berthing and anchorage information.
B. 2 mile notice : Approaching course and speed should be reported in order to identify each vessel.
  Before Shifting
A. Shifting notice : Each vessel should report shifting before and after its moving.
  Before Departure
A. Departure report should be given for identification and navigational purposes.

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