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We are able to arrange and provide all necessary formalities to get a Long Term VISA for our customers with regarding to immigration matters. Please be advices that the sequence of immigration formalities is following;

1) Before Entry

  • Information of owner site members' date in detail, at least 1 month (by Owner)
    : Full Name / Nationality / Date of Birth / Passport No. / Expiry Date
  • Information of site member's family personal in detail, at least 1 month (by Owner)
    : Full Name / Nationality / Date of Birth / Passport No. / Expiry Date Letter of Agreement for residing with his family (by site member)
  • Documentation and Delivery to Owner (by Hannam)
    : Letter of Invitation / Letter of Invitation Reason / Guarantee Letter (by Notary Public)
  • Application to Korean Embassy (by Owner)
    : Site Member's Curriculum Vitae / Dispatch Order Paper / Documents sent by Hannam
  • Issuing of Long Term Visa
    : The Korean Embassy & Consulate grant the application of appropriate VISA (D-9, 1 year generally)


2) After Entry

  • Alien Registration (If site member want to reside in Korea more 90 days his latest entry with VISA (90 days) as a supervisor, Immigration office request below items.)
    : Application Form for Alien Registration / Photo(3x4cm) - 3pcs / passport / a copy of Construction Order / Dispatch Order / K.won 10,000.- / Within 90 days
  • Multiple Re-entry Permit (If site member want to enter again within the validity of your VISA after he was firstly grated a Long Term VISA(D-9, 1year) as a supervisor, he need a Multiple Re-entry Permit if he may has of leave Korea on business or for other purpose, In this case Immigration officer request the below items.)
    : Application Form / Passport / K.won 50,000.-
  • Extention of Sojourn Period & Multiple Re- entry Permit (If site member want to extend Sojourn Period And Multiple Re-entry Permit, we are willing to arrange it without any tiresome.)
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